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Fact sheet: official statistics 2017 at a glance

How many new recognition applications are there each year? What are the main target professions? Where do most applicants come from? The updated fact sheet gives an insight.

With the official statistics for occupations governed by federal law for 2017 being published, the Fact Sheet has now been updated. It comprises most important data and facts on e.g. applications for recognition, training qualifications and target professions in both English and German.

The number of new recognition applications is continuing to rise. From 2012 to 2017, 111,500 applications for recognition were made in professions governed by federal law alone. The most frequent target professions for which guidance was provided were teacher, engineer, business economist resp. economist and registered general nurse. 35 percent of the persons seeking guidance from the IQ initial counselling centres between 2012 and mid-2018 were refugees and asylum seekers. Syrians accounted for 61 percent were by far the largest group.

The fact sheet is regularly updated by the team of the BIBB Recognition Monitoring Project.

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Fact sheet (English)

Fact sheet (German)

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