Cover of the brochure "Homologacion de titulos espanoles en Alemania"


New Brochure on the Recognition of Spanish Education and Training Qualifications

What are the options for workers in Spain who are interested in recognition to enable them to work in Germany in the occupations in which they are qualified? How can qualification certificates be recognized in Germany? Information on this is now provided in a brochure issued by the Spanish Department of Education, the Spanish embassy and the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training. The brochure explains how the process for the recognition of qualifications in Germany works, as well as the specific steps which those seeking recognition need to take in order to achieve their goal - from the registration of the qualification in Spain to the receipt of the certificate of recognition in Germany.

The brochure can be downloaded in Spanish: "Homologación de títulos español en Alemania" (PDF, 3 MB)

Furthermore, all necessary information on the recognition of qualifications in Germany is available in Spanish here.