Tayfun Tombul - Recognition as motor vehicle body and vehicle construction mechanic

Interviewee in front of cars in garage smiling into camera
Tayfun Tombul

Finally, I'm independent!

Thanks to the recognition I can finally use my full manpower

Tayfun Tombul came from Turkey in 2011 to live with his wife here in Berlin. After taking adaptation training in the context of the recognition procedure, he obtained full recognition of his Turkish training qualification as a motor vehicle body and vehicle construction mechanic.

Name Tayfun Tombul
Alter 29
Reference profession Motor vehicle body and vehicle construction mechanic 
Country of origin of certificate Turkey
Working as Motor vehicle body and vehicle construction mechanic


What recognition means for me …

… a hopeful future! It is a further step in my vocational development.

My advice

Patience and perseverance are required. Once you have decided to take this route, you should go through with it right up to the end.

He hadn't worried too much about his occupational future. "I was sure that I had a professional qualification and therefore could cope with the work in Germany very well," recalls Tayfun Tombul, who had completed a three-year course of training as a motor vehicle body and vehicle construction mechanic in his home town of Ankara. After qualifying as a journeyman and taking the Turkish master's examination, he worked there for another five years.

He succeeded in starting over directly in Berlin with a job in the auto sector, although it was only in repairs. "Without the recognition I was not given a job in the body work area, although actually I would not have needed it. That was very frustrating. Now, with the recognition of my qualification, I'm really Independent and equipped for the job market", says Tayfun Tombul.

The impetus to apply for recognition of his Turkish certificates came initially from the Job Centre, which sent the 29-year-old to the Berlin Chamber of Crafts (HWK). The Chamber of Crafts provided Tayfun Tombul with comprehensive advice and researched the appropriate German reference occupation. An examination of the documents showed, however, that adaptation training was required for full recognition of his journeyman's qualification. "The training provider where I underwent the adaptation measure worked out a personal qualification plan for me. I then boned up on the German regulations in the training workshop; obviously I had not learned them during my Turkish training."

The greatest challenge for him during the five-month course of training was that he could not go out to work. Tayful Tombul received financial support from the Job Centre during that period, but he felt self-conscious personally because he was not able to deploy his manpower and his élan directly in the labour market. With the support of his wife and with strength of will he completed the adaptation measure in a motivated manner.

He then submitted the certificate to the Chamber of Crafts in Berlin. Another three months later, Tayfun Tombul was delighted to receive his full recognition. He now works in the body department, so he is no longer working below his qualifications. "Although I am living in a foreign country with other customs, I feel much more self-secure. I have a successful career and can prove to myself and everyone that I am qualified. That makes me happy!"

The interview with Tayfun Tombul was conducted in November 2014.